The Working Mom by Kay Luna

The End

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012 2:58 pm

This is the end of my story.

At least, here, in this place.

A chapter of my life is ending this week. After working 15 years as a professional journalist, and 13 of those years at the Quad-City Times, I am leaving the newspaper for a new opportunity as a corporate writer for a company outside of media.

My last day is Friday.

And, yes, before you ask, I’m also ending my weekly appearances on the morning radio show at Mix 96. My last day on the air is this Friday, too.

So, yeah. Big changes are happening over here, my friends. I’m excited, of course, because I’m stepping into a new and wonderful opportunity for my career. It’s very exciting!

It’s also very sad to say goodbye … to all my job has taught me, and all the people I’ve got to know and all the stories I’m leaving untold.

And it’s hard to say goodbye to my blog, and all of you.

You know, this blog was one of the very first ones the Times ever started. I was a suckerpioneer (Ha!), writing my first post five years ago, when Miss Babycakes was only three months old.

I didn’t know who would bother to read it. I worried that I might bore people with my stories about getting used to work again after maternity leave, and all the stages of my baby’s life.

But I was wrong.

You did read it.

You read what essentially became my daughter’s baby book of memories, and you shared in my joy and laughed along at my silliness. And the even more beautiful thing is you shared your stories, too. We learned from each other. We cheered for each other. We held each other up.

And you surprised me when I realized it wasn’t just moms reading my blog. Dads were reading it and commenting, too. And uncles. And aunts. And grandparents. And people who didn’t have any kids at all.

The Iowa Newspaper Association even gave me a first-place award one year for writing the best newspaper-based blog in our category in the state. I’m still proud of that. I’m proud of all of us, for the little neighborhood we created in this space.

Thanks to you, I was able to share snapshots (mostly in words) of my sweet Miss Babycakes, my very last little baby, growing up from infancy to the big-girl kindergartner she has become. Wasn’t it fun???!!!

For a long time, my little daughter was too young to understand she was kind of a local celebrity because of the blog.

So, she was pretty freaked out one day as we walked into a Kohl’s department store in the Q-C when someone we didn’t know approached us.

“You’re Kay Luna, right?” the man said. “And this must be Babycakes.”

She looked at me like the man was off his rocker. As soon as he was gone, she asked me why in the world someone would call her “Babycakes.” LOL!

I’m getting teary-eyed now, so let me just say, THANK YOU. Thank you for helping me transition into the delicate balance of work and parenting the second time around, for understanding my stories and commiserating with me.

Thank you for your friendship.

And please follow me on Twitter @KayLuna to see what I end up doing next.

Until we meet again …

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  1. Brian Says:

    Good luck, Kay. You were a great co-worker when I was in Davenport, even though we never met.

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