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Famous dads, awkward pics and more

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012 2:16 pm

Reason #5,153 that my job is fun: I get to read at my desk.

OK, I do notice a few people raising their eyebrows at me when I’m reading a magazine, but honestly, I do it for YOU, my dear blog readers.

I’ve been skimming through Parenting magazine, and I had a very good reason to look inside the June issue: Mike Wolfe of LeClaire, Iowa, star of the History channel’s “American Pickers” show, was featured inside!

In honor of Father’s Day, the magazine includes Q&A with famous dads about what it means to be a father and their favorite family pastimes.

Wolfe is shown in a photo with his newborn daughter, Charlie, on page 75. Or follow the link above and read it online. It’s very cute.

While you’re at it, check out the magazine’s new slideshow of awkward pregnancy photos, too. Oh, my gosh, hilarious stuff!

Also, this story about a young boy who donated his Disney trip to a soldier’s family is amazing. How can I get a kid like that?

But enough about me. What’s been on your mind lately?

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