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Manopause and too much pop

Friday, April 20th, 2012 9:25 am

If you tuned in to Mix 96 this morning during my weekly visit with Ron and Amy, you heard us talking about “manopause.”

That’s what a story in Parenting magazine jokingly calls the hormonal change that happens with men become fathers. A recent long-term study shows that when a father brings home a baby, his testosterone levels drop.

Those levels continue to decrease the more time he spends with the newborn, the story says.

So, it’s not just moms who go through biological changes when they enter parenthood. It happens to dads, too. Who knew?! I must have been too sleep-deprived to notice.

Photo credit: AP

And speaking of noticing … How could someone drink two or more GALLONS of soda-pop every day and not think, “Yikes, this might be too much.”

Sadly, it’s too late for a 30-year-old mom of eight children in New Zealand, where authorities are trying to determine if her Cola addiction played a role in her death. Natasha Harris died of a heart attack, but she also suffered from low potassium, which investigators believe could have been caused by her excessive pop-drinking and overall poor nutrition.

And she smoked 30 cigarettes per day, too, according to her partner, who is quoted in the story.

A major soft drink company issued a statement in response to her death, saying even water can be deadly in excessive amounts.

Something to think about …

Hope you have a safe and happy Friday, a great weekend and an even better next week. I’ll be out of the office, frolicking around with my family. See you when I return.

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