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Eggs-actly enough

Monday, April 9th, 2012 3:22 pm

This was a weekend full of Easter egg-stravangas. Heavy on the “egg.”

We spent three days boiling eggs, coloring eggs, deviling eggs, filling (plastic) eggs, hunting eggs, eating eggs, smelling eggs …

I’m not going to lie. I’m on egg overload right about now.

But, oh, what fun we had in the process!

Babycakes announced on Friday night that this was going to be “the best Easter weekend EVER,” because she was going to get to spend so much time with her family.

Not to mention the chocolate. She didn’t say this, but I’m adding it, because the girl does love some chocolate and we all know she wholeheartedly celebrates any holiday that includes the possibility of receiving and eating chocolate.

By the way, she was right. We did have a wonderful time with our family.

How was your weekend?


Did you happen to see the cover story in Parade magazine this Sunday? If not, go check it out. The story features the courageous Stephanie Nielson, who blogs at and just wrote a book about surviving a fiery plane crash and the aftermath. It’s a beautiful story of hope and strength.

I expect to lurk around her blog a lot in the future. You, too?

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