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Walking and drinking

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010 1:17 pm

In no particular order:

1) Please, if you’re pushing a stroller and trying to cross a busy street, DON’T put your baby and the stroller in the street as cars rush past. Of course, I see you’re standing on the sidewalk at a safe distance as the wind from the passing cars blows your baby’s hair back … Grrrrr.

2) Is it OK to drink alcohol while you’re pregnant? In my book, NO. But a poll of about 5,000 women online at showed nearly half said they would drink while pregnant, and some added they would only do so on “special occasions” or “every now and then.” 

The responses on that blog were across the board — some were horrified that women would EVER consider drinking, while others said people should be less judgmental.

What do you think — about any or all of the above? :)

2 Responses to “Walking and drinking”

  1. Shanna Cramer Says:

    1. What women in her right mind would actually push her baby so close to the road that the passenger could actually change the baby’s diaper on the fly? A crazy woman, lock her up and throw away the key.

    2. I think that a glass of wine will not hurt the baby if the mother’s health is good. Again I say a glass not a full blown frat party..

  2. Mrs. Neilson Says:

    1. AGREE Kay – Keep those babies safe. They are only so little and in your full control for so long so hold tight to every second you got. That is what the lights are for that say WALK and STOP!!

    2. Totally think alcohol should not be consumed at any point in time during a pregnancy. I know many doctors say a glass of wine is fine but from my understanding – everything you intake whether it be solids or liquids goes to the baby. Why put that into their system. If you can’t hold off 40 weeks to not have alcohol then frankly, you should not carry a child. Find a surrogate!!! I have a few friends who would do anything to be able to birth their own child but medically they are unable and then you hear of people drinking during pregnancy. Something is so wrong with that picture. Lord knows we have all had bad days when we are pregnant that we think oh man a drink would be nice however so would having a healthy baby! :)
    My 2 cents of advice!!!! I got 13 more weeks to go… 27 alcohol free – 110% sure the next 13 weeks will be the same!!

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